Kevin "I don't like Winnie" Arnold

This is my page on the website. This is a picture of me with my guitar, which I PROMISE won't sit int he back of the closet!! and for the record, no that's mY OWN shirt I'm wearing, I only wear Karen's shirts when we play out, OK????

Since I joined the Electric Shoes I noticed that my life has really changed. Wayne seems to hit me a little more than he used to, and it kinda hurts. Winnie really seems to dig musicians, which is way beeter than liking politicians I guess. I tried to get Paul to be my "roadie" and carry my amp, but he just sneezed and said he's allergic to tubes.

What else can I say... my influences include Larry Beeman, uh.... Jimi Hendrix.... and uh... Paul Lennon... I think.

Playing guitar is way better than piano.

I don't think a foot ball is a very good Christmas present.


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